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Last month, University of Memphis and UTHSC officials were upset by Governor Bredesen’s new higher education bill. Predictably, these school officials acted like an insolent teenager who was denied the car keys after his third speeding ticket. UM and UTHSC act as if they deserve the favor of the Governor. Why? Neither institution is exemplary. Face it UM is a commuter school at best and UTHSC is very marginal research institution that produces a few decent scholars and clinicians. It’s time that both of them are held accountable. If you wanted to be treated like a research institution then act like one. Stop whining and start increasing the rigor of your academic programs and become self reliant.


Usually it’s Tiger High basketball players getting arrested but this year it is UT players. According to Go Vols XTRA. Four UT basketball players face drug and weapon charges. KPD finds marijuana, guns during traffic stop; all four suspended. Why is it that UT players like to carry guns and smoke pot?

5.  He would put the ‘smackdown’ on crime in Memphis.

4. He is not currently under investigation..I think.

3. Jimmy Hart could be vice mayor. (more…)

It was only a matter of time before we found out why Cal fled Tiger High. It looks like the program and even Kentucky could be in big trouble because of Cal’s unethical tactics.  USA Today and the Commercial Appeal are reporting that one of Cal’s thugs really screwed up this time. Way to go Tiger High! Josh, get out while you can!

You just been rejected AGAIN. Scott Drew indicated he would rather stay at Baylor than coach in Memphis. Baylor? Are you kidding me? Have you ever been to Waco, TX? It makes Cordova look like Club Med. Baylor’s basketball program has had it’s share of problems too. Just a few years ago, Charlie Dotson murdered his roommate. (more…)

WTF….you have to be kidding me. Bobby Knight interviewing for the Memphis job? This has to be one the oddest courtships ever in NCAA basketball history. It’s hard to tell who is more desperate him or Tiger High.  Bruce Pearl has also been rumored to be coming to help save the program.  Why would either of these guys want to go to UM? Although I’m not a UT fan, I believe Bruce Pearl is a good coach who doesn’t deserve Memphis.  Others disagree. Besides Bruce is rumored to be quite the ‘ladies man’ and Memphis is not a good place find quality females. 😉

A recent AP article provides further evidence of the decline of the UT medical school.  The last UTHSC Chancellor, Bill Owen left for the University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey. (UMDNJ) after being here for a very short time. Owen preferred to lead a Newark, NJ based institution that has been recently plagued by numerous legal problems rather than stay in Memphis. Hmm….