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The people trying to stop gang violence in Memphis deserve much respect.


Memphis garners yet another distinction, it contains one of America’s most dangerous neighborhoods.  According to, you have a 1 in 7 chance of becoming a victim in the Warford St./Mount Olive Rd. neighborhood.

Tiger High accomplished the unthinkable, they out cheated a SEC school. Watch out Big Orange, Tiger High is encroaching upon your territory. Despite University of Georgia’s unwillingness to sign Dozier because of an invalid SAT score, Tiger High were eager to have him wear Tiger blue. Way to go R.C. and coach Cal, you out slimed one of the most historically slimy conferences in the nation.

You did it again Memphis. FBI statistics indicate that Memphis is the least safe city in the U.S.

There are apparently a number of climatologists now living in Memphis.  What made these scientists flock to this backwoods community is unknown. However, most of them are evidently being employed by local Burger Kings.  These crown wearing soothsayers decided to use Burger King signs to get their message out that global warming is a myth. Although Burger King management has order these signs to be taken down, I am sure these brave men and women will not be deterred.  Hopefully, McDonalds will soon follow suit and inform the public about stem cell research.

It was only a matter of time before we found out why Cal fled Tiger High. It looks like the program and even Kentucky could be in big trouble because of Cal’s unethical tactics.  USA Today and the Commercial Appeal are reporting that one of Cal’s thugs really screwed up this time. Way to go Tiger High! Josh, get out while you can!

Forbes magazine recently ranked Memphis is the 2nd most miserable city in the nation. Only Stockon, CA ranked higher. What a surprise.