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There are apparently a number of climatologists now living in Memphis.  What made these scientists flock to this backwoods community is unknown. However, most of them are evidently being employed by local Burger Kings.  These crown wearing soothsayers decided to use Burger King signs to get their message out that global warming is a myth. Although Burger King management has order these signs to be taken down, I am sure these brave men and women will not be deterred.  Hopefully, McDonalds will soon follow suit and inform the public about stem cell research.


Seems like there is no place that is safe for children in Memphis. Recently 16 women were busted for hooking near American Way Middle School. Sadly, that may be the only form of sex education offered in Memphis schools given the backward views of our legislatures.

In typical Memphis fashion, people are getting upset about something not worth getting upset about.  This time it is a mural at Autozone Park.

Forbes magazine recently ranked Memphis as the 2nd most dangerous city in the nation right behind Detroit.  So much for the Blue Crush. Too many profit from crime in Memphis to stop it.

Forbes magazine recently ranked Memphis is the 2nd most miserable city in the nation. Only Stockon, CA ranked higher. What a surprise.

I recently ran across Memphis Connect; a site that was developed by the Leadership Academy to bolster the city’s image and to promote ‘positive’ discussion. While I applaud any effort to improve the city, I am stunned by the naivete of this effort. The characterization of Memphis is fictitious at best and pure propaganda at its worst. Had I not lived in Memphis for 5 years, I would have been impressed by all that the city has to offer. However, I know better. The truth is this is a city in peril not a ‘jewel in the rough’. City leaders including the “Leadership Academy” should remember that the first step to recovery is admitting that you have a problem. There are relatively few metropolitan areas of comparable size that are worse off then Memphis in almost every relevant category. Memphis has set the bar for substandard  health, poverty, crime, corruption, racism, and religious intolerance. (more…)