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Although this is article is a year old. I believe it says it all.

Untamed Tigers: How Memphis gets away with winning | The Cornell Daily Sun.


With the exception of Rocky Top, Tiger High beats almost everyone….in player arrests. The simple truth is Tiger High recruits thugs. As evidenced by the recent arrest of former Tiger great Shawne Williams, former players are better known for their “in court” than their “on court” statistics. Hopefully Josh can break this vicious cycle but I am not hopeful since Tiger High continues to be run by a bunch of good ole’ boys. The first step in recovery Tiger faithful is admitting you have a problem.

Tiger High is finally getting what it deserves. TH will have to vacate their record 38 victories from their Final Four season of 2007-08. How are you going to spin this Tiger faithful? I can’t believe UK hired a coach with such a horrible W-L record!

ESPN reports that Derrick Rose recently apologized for a picture that has been circulating on the internet of him flashing gang signs.

It was only a matter of time before we found out why Cal fled Tiger High. It looks like the program and even Kentucky could be in big trouble because of Cal’s unethical tactics.  USA Today and the Commercial Appeal are reporting that one of Cal’s thugs really screwed up this time. Way to go Tiger High! Josh, get out while you can!

Something about being in Memphis makes want to commit a crime. The Grizzlies Darius Miles recently joined a long list of athletes living in Memphis who have had ‘legal issues’. At least he wasn’t a Calipari recruit.

10. Court mandated ankle bracelets on players make running the full court press difficult.

9. Elvis still draws a bigger crowd.

8. Tough new Tiger High entrance exam…yeah right.

7. Coaching at Memphis would also mean you have to live in Memphis.

6. Herenton wants to play power forward.