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According to CQ Press, the Memphis Metro area is once again one of the most dangerous places in the U.S.  The Memphis MSA had the second highest metro crime rate. The only place higher was Pine Bluff, Arkansas.


The people trying to stop gang violence in Memphis deserve much respect.

Want to see the ‘real’ Memphis? Check out this YouTube video. Memphis officials love to spin the stats but the truth is crime in Memphis is out of control and getting worse.

You did it again Memphis. FBI statistics indicate that Memphis is the least safe city in the U.S.

In an effort to show they can out ‘stupid’ Mississippi, Tennessee Senators have voted in favor of a bill allowing people with permits to carry guns in to bars. WTF? Have these idiots lost there mind, or what little of it remains? The violence in western Tennessee rivals that of the Middle East. How does arming bar patrons make things safer?

In typical Memphis fashion, people are getting upset about something not worth getting upset about.  This time it is a mural at Autozone Park.

Forbes magazine recently ranked Memphis as the 2nd most dangerous city in the nation right behind Detroit.  So much for the Blue Crush. Too many profit from crime in Memphis to stop it.