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With the exception of Rocky Top, Tiger High beats almost everyone….in player arrests. The simple truth is Tiger High recruits thugs. As evidenced by the recent arrest of former Tiger great Shawne Williams, former players are better known for their “in court” than their “on court” statistics. Hopefully Josh can break this vicious cycle but I am not hopeful since Tiger High continues to be run by a bunch of good ole’ boys. The first step in recovery Tiger faithful is admitting you have a problem.


Usually it’s Tiger High basketball players getting arrested but this year it is UT players. According to Go Vols XTRA. Four UT basketball players face drug and weapon charges. KPD finds marijuana, guns during traffic stop; all four suspended. Why is it that UT players like to carry guns and smoke pot?

Calipari Gets Called Out

Posted: December 18, 2009 in Memphis Tigers

Knight chides Calipari in Indiana speech

The AP reports that, the University of Memphis refused on Wednesday to release the NCAA’s response to its appeal of a ruling that vacated the 2007-08 men’s basketball season.” What a surprise. I wouldn’t want anyone to know either.  When is someone going to get fired at Tiger High?

Tommy West may not be the best coach in D1 college football but he sure is the most honest. Say what you want about Tommy but he had more wins than the Memphis basketball program did last year because he ran an honest program. Tiger High is and will always be a joke but at least Tommy tried to make it something better and had more success than most of his predecessors. Additionally, I applaud him for not letting the good ole’ boys at Tiger High get by with their illusions of adequacy. I hope Tommy gets a better job in the future.

Washington Monthly recently ranked Tiger High 197 out of 258 national universities. Who were some of the universities who beat Tiger High you ask? Would you believe  Spalding University? How about Wright State? These are place that even UM basketball players can get in to.

Tiger High’s football team was recently ranked 96th by College Football News in its annual preseason rankings. This will put a lot of pressure on the Tigers to live up to the hype. Good thing is they are guaranteed to win more games than did the 2007-2008 Memphis Tiger basketball team which was 0-40 for the year. Luckily, beer will be sold at the stadium this year which provide fans with the illusion that they are actually watching Division I football.