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I don’t know which is sadder, Kiffin leaving his criminals err I mean players to fend for themselves or the behavior of the UT faithful. Like Tiger High UT is a classless university with idiotic fans. After the news about Kiffin broke, the Bass Pro wearin’, 4 x4 truck drivin’, parole violatin’, dentist hatin’ went and pulled the mattresses out of their mobile home and burned them ala West Virginia. What a joke UT has become.


Usually it’s Tiger High basketball players getting arrested but this year it is UT players. According to Go Vols XTRA. Four UT basketball players face drug and weapon charges. KPD finds marijuana, guns during traffic stop; all four suspended. Why is it that UT players like to carry guns and smoke pot?

I just couldn’t resist. Gangsta Boo has been arrested for robbery thus reaching her self fulfilling prophecy. Who would of thought someone named Gangsta would do such a thing?

Tiger appears to have knocked boots with damn near any female he could find over the past few years. It makes one wonder, when did he have time to practice? Evidently horizontal activities are good for the short game or long game in Tiger’s case. Memphians are no stranger to philandering celebrities. News reports that Willie screwed anything with legs, including his constituents. Remember the allegation that Willie was swapping  promotions for sex with female employees at Memphis City Schools. Or how about the infamous stripper scandal? Don’t worry Tiger. You have a long way to go before you reach the ranks of Slick Willie.

Finally Memphis has found its true king, Jerry Lawler. Let’s face it, Lawler would really have to put forth a lot of effort to be worse than King Willie.  The last time he ran he received 12% of the vote. Although such support is a sad commentary on Memphis, it does suggest he is a potentially viable candidate. Why not? It would at least make mayoral press briefings more entertaining.

There are apparently a number of climatologists now living in Memphis.  What made these scientists flock to this backwoods community is unknown. However, most of them are evidently being employed by local Burger Kings.  These crown wearing soothsayers decided to use Burger King signs to get their message out that global warming is a myth. Although Burger King management has order these signs to be taken down, I am sure these brave men and women will not be deterred.  Hopefully, McDonalds will soon follow suit and inform the public about stem cell research.