The purpose of this blog is to present an alternative viewpoint of Memphis issues. If you don’t like it don’t read it!


Please direct any ideas, complaints, etc. to probelab2004@yahoo.com

  1. Anonymous says:

    from my perspective, it appears to be a blog where you simply complain & denigrate your city. If you hate it so much, move. I’ve been to Memphis multiple times. It has problems, but so does everywhere else.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Seriously! If you have such a problem with this city, MOVE! I cannot believe you have dedicated your life to publishing your numerous complaints by way of a blog. If someone like you would get out and try to make a difference rather than just complain all the time, something (granted it may just be one small THING) could become better. Get a life and stop being so negative.

  3. Anonymous says:

    If alternative viewpoint means making fun off Memphis, denigrating the people who choose to live and work here, and using a blog as an outlet for your frustrations – no thanks. We get enough of that from UT fans. Move to Knoxville if you have your heart set on unnecessarily criticizing the city.

    I’ve lived in Los Angeles and have seen Memphis from an outsider’s perspective. It’s not the best city in the world, but it’s people like you who make it seem worse than it really is.

  4. Memphian says:

    I disagree with all the righteous “anonymous” writers, who have suggested you are negative and should simply “move.” It is our city, too, and maybe the author of alternative viewpoint is trying to make Memphis better. Maybe alternative viewpoint is just a little jaded by what he/she sees on a daily basis (it’s a lot different living here than visiting, so don’t judge). I moved here almost twenty years ago, and I see a city so MIRED in racism, corruption, and backwards thinking that I am surprised we don’t have more crime than we do. In contrast, I’ve also watched this city’s downtown grow from once-desolate and collapsing ruins to a thriving residential area. Yes, we need better public transportation. Yes, we have crime. The author of this blog is taking a realistic view of things. If we ignore our problems, they won’t go away. When our neighborhood gets hit with burglaries, we don’t all run out East, we start a local watch. It’s always easier to criticize from afar.

  5. Anonymous says:

    I have created an evolving blog based on my experience (subjective) and facts (objective).


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