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Should I stay or should I go…….Slick can’t seem to make up his mind. The mayor appears to be balking when it come s to leaving office despite council efforts to give him the boot.


Memphis recruit Latavious Williams would rather play overseas than commit to the now embattled Tiger High basketball program. Who said basketball players are stupid?

5.  He would put the ‘smackdown’ on crime in Memphis.

4. He is not currently under investigation..I think.

3. Jimmy Hart could be vice mayor. (more…)

Finally Memphis has found its true king, Jerry Lawler. Let’s face it, Lawler would really have to put forth a lot of effort to be worse than King Willie.  The last time he ran he received 12% of the vote. Although such support is a sad commentary on Memphis, it does suggest he is a potentially viable candidate. Why not? It would at least make mayoral press briefings more entertaining.