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In response to the plethora of critics in the media, the Calipari clan is publicly defending their dad’s reputation. Shouldn’t Cal be the one doing all the talking? True to his nature, Calipari is whining and trying to bully his critics.


If there was ever a team that deserved the NCAA death penalty it is Tiger High. The modern day equivalent of the Running Rebs (UNLV), UM epitomizes what is wrong with college basketball today. Derrick Rose, Tiger High’s poster child appears to be the focus of the NCAA probe. Rose may have begun cheating when in high school according to the Chicago Sun Times article. Face it Tiger fans YOU ARE FINALLY DONE!

It was only a matter of time before we found out why Cal fled Tiger High. It looks like the program and even Kentucky could be in big trouble because of Cal’s unethical tactics.  USA Today and the Commercial Appeal are reporting that one of Cal’s thugs really screwed up this time. Way to go Tiger High! Josh, get out while you can!

Something about being in Memphis makes want to commit a crime. The Grizzlies Darius Miles recently joined a long list of athletes living in Memphis who have had ‘legal issues’. At least he wasn’t a Calipari recruit.

In an effort to show they can out ‘stupid’ Mississippi, Tennessee Senators have voted in favor of a bill allowing people with permits to carry guns in to bars. WTF? Have these idiots lost there mind, or what little of it remains? The violence in western Tennessee rivals that of the Middle East. How does arming bar patrons make things safer?

Seems like there is no place that is safe for children in Memphis. Recently 16 women were busted for hooking near American Way Middle School. Sadly, that may be the only form of sex education offered in Memphis schools given the backward views of our legislatures.

Possible Tiger High recruit John Wall was recently charged in break-in. Under coach Cal this would automatically qualify him for entry in to the program.  I suppose Memphis officials will have to make sure he is convicted before signing him to the squad.