In typical Memphis fashion, people are getting upset about something not worth getting upset about.  This time it is a mural at Autozone Park.

  1. MemphisRabbi says:

    You too have an agenda….Mr Obama is Mr. Obama…

    Mr Obama is a mulatto…Mr Obama has an entirely different genetic and social background than the lady pictured…that should be obvious.

    Why is he mentioned ?? that’s revealing about YOU !

    Mr Obama is a mulatto, nonwhite, nonblack (that means, er, he has one white parent that contributed 23 chromosones, and one truly African (not American Negro) parent who contributed the other 23 chromosones), that has nothing to do with a black woman depicted with a gold tooth……Mr Obama doesn’t have any gold teeth ! So what’s the relevance of your mention ??

    So the lady has gold teeth ! what is an accurate portrayal ?? or was it fabricated ?? if it was accurate, who cares ??? it would be disingenuous for the rendering to ‘airbrush’ or ‘photoshop’ the original !

    It’s amazing….people see what they see….people are who they are, but let’s not DRAG Obama into the mix (no pun intended).

    No one is forcing anyone to LOOK like (idiotic indeed) or SOUND like Obama……nor should they !

    Mr Obama is an individual…..he’s not a part of a total ‘black American’ experience, and that should be obvious to any thinking and lucid human being.

    Mr Obama is not the ‘issue’ for ‘Blacks in America’ and to suggest or intimate that he is REPRESENTATIVE is downright stupid… let’s not try to connect the ‘Dots’ between a ‘man of Obama’s race’ and anyone else who doesn’t share the same or similar racial basis from which to identify. To do less is a disservice to the black woman featured, and is equally a disservice to anyone like Mr. Obama.

    Only in Memphis

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