Forbes magazine recently ranked Memphis is the 2nd most miserable city in the nation. Only Stockon, CA ranked higher. What a surprise.

  1. JustMissed says:

    No kidding, the misery index is pretty high

    Would never advise anybody to move there- the place sucks, and the people in Memphis are defensive as hell when they actually read about its sucky status in national publications ! they get flustered and out of control with steam coming out of their ears, like it’s somehow not true….Memphis is also FAT…Memphis is also racist, both black and white…Memphis is undereducated, and Memphis is AT LEAST 15 YEARS behind other cities- Nashville is head and shoulders above this cesspool

  2. Memfo says:

    I hate this shithole…only here for school..fat ass angry black folks and ignorant whites who think they own shit because they have more money than black folks with 4th grade educations. Trash everywhere, mispronounced words, nothing to do but church and chicken, out of control dirty kids, politicians are a piece of shit, lost the b-ball team..need I say more..piece of SHIT memphis

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