FedEx Fires Exec Who Slams Memphis

Posted: April 12, 2009 in Culture
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Memphians are often defensive about their beloved city but this takes the cake.  FedEx recently canned an advertising exec who slammed Memphis in a Twitter post. The Twitter post reads:


The truth hurts.

  1. 2 says:

    Helpful Material Blog…

  2. JustMissed says:

    Hmm…the guy has his right to his own opinion

    It shows how parochial Memphis truly is….

    Can you imagine Delta Airlines which is based in the City of Atlanta, getting bent out of shape if some consultant SLAMMED ATLANTA, GA ??

    how about if some PR guy slamming Indianapolis got fired if he was in PR with Ely Lily ??

    how about Dallas, and JC PENNEY CO ??

    how about Vegas and Harrah’s Entertainment ??

    and what about Tampa, and Outback Steakhouse ??

    nope, those companies in THOSE cities wouldn’t give a tinker’s damn

    only in Memphis

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