I’m ‘wowed’ alright. Josh Pastner? Your kidding right? I happen to know Josh and have even played pick-up basketball with him. He is a very nice and decent guy but he may be the worse fit for Tiger High ever. First of all, he has morals and he got where he is through hard work not talent. He played all through college with no hopes of ever actually contributing to his team at the University of Arizona. He was the white guy sitting at the end of the bench.  The guy the crowd loved to cheer for when on the rare occasion he came in to the game to mop up against Podunk U. I suspect he even studied and went to classes. Josh represents everything that Tiger High is not. How can he even relate to the typical Memphis athlete? Consequently, how can he be expected to recruit and coach egocentric albeit talented thugs like his predecessor did? Additionally, at 31 years old, he is barely older than many of Tiger High’s freshman class. 😉 Perhaps Josh is only one naive enough to take on such an unenviable task. Good luck Josh you are going to need it.


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