WTF….you have to be kidding me. Bobby Knight interviewing for the Memphis job? This has to be one the oddest courtships ever in NCAA basketball history. It’s hard to tell who is more desperate him or Tiger High.  Bruce Pearl has also been rumored to be coming to help save the program.  Why would either of these guys want to go to UM? Although I’m not a UT fan, I believe Bruce Pearl is a good coach who doesn’t deserve Memphis.  Others disagree. Besides Bruce is rumored to be quite the ‘ladies man’ and Memphis is not a good place find quality females. 😉

  1. trends watch says:

    trends watch : New Coach at Tiger High? « Only in Memphis…

    …Tennessee is denying that anyone connected with Memphis has spoken with either coach Bruce Pearl or its athletic director about replacing John Calipa……

  2. R.K. Helm says:

    Yea, your probably right. That pristine record of Bruce’s is no match for a team that does well in the tournament year after year after year. He’d have to be desperate, right? Sounds like someone got rejected by a Memphis lady. Boo Hoo. If you happen to see the internet pictures of him with some “quality females” you may notice the “quality boob jobs”.

  3. Ryan says:

    Money,17,000+ fans at almost every game, and the facilities make our program very appealing to a lot of coaches. Memphis has always had a pretty good program.

    I honestly don’t want Pearl… He had plenty of talent this season and still couldn’t win games. Coach Knight would be great… However, I am pretty sure that was just a sick April fools joke someone was playing on us Tiger students/fans.

  4. matt horton says:

    man you are an idiot #1 memphios has established itself as a quality program . #2 you are stupid #3 we dont want bobby knight because if we did he would be on his way #4 have you been to the M. there is a ton of beautiful ladies here. i have been to almost every major city in the usa and memphis is one of the top as far as that goes. sit back shut up and watch how we pull a big name coach from somewhere ..#5 you have no idea…tard

  5. matt horton says:

    i did not spell memphis right but you are still a tard…

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