Don’t Blame the Players!

Posted: April 8, 2008 in Memphis Tigers
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Yes, Memphis lost but don’t go blaming the players. They had an incredible run and played up to their potential and beyond. The fault lies with Calipari exclusively. It is a coach’s job to prepare his team for any situation. Calipari has NEVER been a “prime time player” (PTP) when it comes to coaching the big game. Throughout the year he dismissed the importance of free throws. Maybe he will rethink his position now. The fact is Calipari is the one who reflects poorly on Memphis not his players. He will do anything to win except coach. Don’t pile on the young men who played their hearts out.

  1. […] statements to the contrary, they did everything they could to win against the Jayhawks. As Josie over at Only in Memphis pointed out, Calipari “will do anything to win, except coach.” I think Josie may be on to something […]

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