You Know You’re a Memphian if…

Posted: March 25, 2008 in Humor
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1. Sex scandals improve your mayor’s “street cred”.

2. Your church has its own zip-code, electoral vote, highway exit, and/or Starbucks.

3. You buy Kevlar® for your school aged child.

4. Your politicians get convicted then reelected then convicted then…… (Applies to D.C. as well).

5. You met your spouse at the MED.

6. You love the diversity at the Racquet Club (e.g., First Baptist, Southern Baptist, Freewill Baptist).

7. You can turn any building into a Bass Pro Shop.

8. You weigh more than your credit rating.

9. You count the number of white/black friends that you have.

10. You’re considering relocating to a safer city in the Middle East.

11. You wore camouflage at your wedding.


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