The Anti Memphis Tigers

Posted: March 12, 2008 in Memphis Tigers
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 Memphians consider this before March Madness rolls around and you begin lauding your much beloved but academically challenged Tigers. While you strut around town in your Memphis Tiger gear, keep in mind that your basketball program is hardly exemplary. To illustrate my point, I have found the Anti Memphis basketball team. A team so perfectly diametrically opposed to current and past Memphis teams that it makes you wonder if symmetry is a universal law. The Anti Memphis team hails from the California Institute of Technology.

Cal Tech is a NCAA Division III team who has not won a game in the Southern California Intercollegiate Athletic Conference in 21 years, or 245 games. While some of their players did not even play high school ball, they all are extraordinary students with most majoring in physics and/or engineering. Cal Tech is one of the top 5 universities in the world having produced 31 Nobel Prize winners. The average SAT score of students accepted to Cal Tech is almost perfect. (Note: this does include basketball players). Although you probably have not heard about their basketball team, their rich history has been recently detailed in a documentary entitled Quantum Hoops

The stark contrast between Cal tech and the Memphis Tigers is obvious. Albeit, only one Cal Tech player has ever made it to the NBA and they have never made it to the Final Four. However, Memphis with all its basketball achievements is unlikely to ever have one of its players cure cancer or disprove string theory. Additionally, I also suspect that Cal Tech players are more likely to work for the FBI than be under its custody.

  1. jdem007 says:

    not so fast please, our Tigers will earn enough money in NBA to pay enough taxes to support all your Nobel winners.

  2. tigerstrat57 says:

    Thanks for the well reasoned, rational comments about the Memphis basketball program. However, they are misguided, uninformed, and, frankly, dumb. If you do not personally know the young men, then you can’t truly speak to character or their academic pursuits. Sure, you can make some deduction that they are not going to be in the same academic league as Cal Tech but why bother? One of the problems in today’s society is the “putting down” of those who you either dislike or are jealous of. Academically challenged? How can you use that phrase when you have nothing to offer to back up that statement? For the record, only 2 of the last 19 players have graudated and the two will finish up when time permits. The elitist snob attitude about these young men is insulting and only goes to show that those who can do, those who can’t just put down those who can.

  3. Josie says:

    Memphis has one of the LOWEST graduation rates of any NCAA D1 program. That is fact.

  4. geekinphilly says:

    Sorry, Josie, but that’s not exactly factual. Actually, it’s not even close to being factual.

    The fact is that the University of Memphis basketball team under John Calipari has graduated 17 of the 19 players that completed their athletic eligibility. That calculates to an 89.5% graduation rate. Just so you know, the national average in 2007 was 55%.

    Now, that is fact.

  5. devin08 says:

    no, it’s not a fact nor is it even close to a fact – and you have no clue…

  6. devin08 says:

    Geekinphilly – I was responding to Josie, not you.

  7. geekinphilly says:

    I understood you, Devin. Thanks.

  8. Josie says:

    The NCAA reports demonstrate that academic progress for Memphis Basketball is borderline at best and judge the graduation rate analyses for your self.

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