Town Hall Meetings and Summits Not The Answer

Posted: March 11, 2008 in Crime/Violence
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Although well intentioned, meetings won’t solve the crime problem in Memphis. Tonight’s town hall entitled Violence in Memphis: Searching for Solutions provides a way for concerned citizens to vent but “real change” requires much more than a public forum. Real change in Memphis will only occur if those in charge of running the city are held accountable.  It is difficult to curtail crime in a city that is largely run by criminals. Additionally, those who have exploited vulnerable populations in Memphis for their own benefit should also be held accountable. Many programs like Blue Crush take credit when crime is down but are much less visible when the statistics are not quite as favorable. Sadly enough, Blue Crush is not the only program or group in Memphis that feeds off of the crime problem. Crime reduction requires more than new slogan it necessitates social change.


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