Last month, University of Memphis and UTHSC officials were upset by Governor Bredesen’s new higher education bill. Predictably, these school officials acted like an insolent teenager who was denied the car keys after his third speeding ticket. UM and UTHSC act as if they deserve the favor of the Governor. Why? Neither institution is exemplary. Face it UM is a commuter school at best and UTHSC is very marginal research institution that produces a few decent scholars and clinicians. It’s time that both of them are held accountable. If you wanted to be treated like a research institution then act like one. Stop whining and start increasing the rigor of your academic programs and become self reliant.

Guns at Memphis city schools ring alarm bells» The Commercial Appeal.

Although this is article is a year old. I believe it says it all.

Untamed Tigers: How Memphis gets away with winning | The Cornell Daily Sun.

Policing the city schools » The Commercial Appeal.

Majority of Memphis City Schools board wants own police force» The Commercial Appeal. You know you are in big trouble when your public school system has to have its very own police force.

This is just getting redundant. This time it is former Tiger player Shawne Williams going to 201 Poplar.

With the exception of Rocky Top, Tiger High beats almost everyone….in player arrests. The simple truth is Tiger High recruits thugs. As evidenced by the recent arrest of former Tiger great Shawne Williams, former players are better known for their “in court” than their “on court” statistics. Hopefully Josh can break this vicious cycle but I am not hopeful since Tiger High continues to be run by a bunch of good ole’ boys. The first step in recovery Tiger faithful is admitting you have a problem.