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Majority of Memphis City Schools board wants own police force» The Commercial Appeal. You know you are in big trouble when your public school system has to have its very own police force.

Washington Monthly recently ranked Tiger High 197 out of 258 national universities. Who were some of the universities who beat Tiger High you ask? Would you believe  Spalding University? How about Wright State? These are place that even UM basketball players can get in to.

For the all the Tiger High apologists, keep in mind that this is the SECOND time your appearance in the Final Four was erased.  Like Cal, Tiger High has been caught cheating twice. What do you expect in a city where ‘cheating’ and corruption is a way of life.

Tiger High is finally getting what it deserves. TH will have to vacate their record 38 victories from their Final Four season of 2007-08. How are you going to spin this Tiger faithful? I can’t believe UK hired a coach with such a horrible W-L record!

The more things change the more they stay the same. With Slick Willie gone one might assume that there would a period of calm. Not the case. Memphis is what it is. The government remains dysfunctional at all levels. The new mayor has already started a fight with the city attorney. Meanwhile, crime continues to skyrocket, corruption grows, and poor people get screwed.

Memphis garners yet another distinction, it contains one of America’s most dangerous neighborhoods.  According to, you have a 1 in 7 chance of becoming a victim in the Warford St./Mount Olive Rd. neighborhood.

ESPN reports that Derrick Rose recently apologized for a picture that has been circulating on the internet of him flashing gang signs.

Tiger High accomplished the unthinkable, they out cheated a SEC school. Watch out Big Orange, Tiger High is encroaching upon your territory. Despite University of Georgia’s unwillingness to sign Dozier because of an invalid SAT score, Tiger High were eager to have him wear Tiger blue. Way to go R.C. and coach Cal, you out slimed one of the most historically slimy conferences in the nation.

You did it again Memphis. FBI statistics indicate that Memphis is the least safe city in the U.S.

Where there is smoke there is usually fire. Such is the case with the Tiger High scandal.

Fan IQ states, “Add another Memphis player to the fishy SAT scores controversy. Robert Dozier went to Memphis after Georgia wouldn’t accept him because they didn’t think his score was legit.” The Sporting News headline reads, “Memphis Hoops: Where Qualifying SAT Scores Appear To Be Optional” I don’t understand it. It’s not like UM has very hard entrance requirements.