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Congrats Tigers

Posted: March 31, 2008 in Memphis Tigers
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Despite my criticism of the Tigers, I have to give them credit. That was one hell of a performance against Texas.

Too Funny!

Posted: March 28, 2008 in Humor, Uncategorized
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Make more pictures for your blog

If anyone asks later, you�re a sniper

Eyewitness News reports that a draft report on alleged blackmail plot has been given to Memphis Mayor Willie Herenton.

Sorry Tiger fans. You have to pay for that recliner you’ve purchased to watch the Tigers win the “big dance”. Attorney General Robert Cooper says Ashley Furniture can’t honor its promise legally. Yet another twist in the Memphis Tigers saga!


1. Sex scandals improve your mayor’s “street cred”.

2. Your church has its own zip-code, electoral vote, highway exit, and/or Starbucks.

3. You buy Kevlar® for your school aged child.

4. Your politicians get convicted then reelected then convicted then…… (Applies to D.C. as well). (more…)

frazierhrenton3.jpgLet’s get ready to rumble! who can take on King Willie for the title of WORST AMERICAN MAYORKiller Kwame from Detroit, that’s who. Neither mayor is going down without a fight! Who do you think is the worst?

Soon Detroit Mayor Mr. Kilpatrick will be out of a job. Why not hire him as the Superintendent of Memphis City Schools? He meets all the apparent qualifications for the position; He appears to be the ideal candidate at least until he has to go to trial.

Violent crimes on college campuses have become increasing common. U of M students have to deal with the threat of violence all too frequently as evidenced by this most recent incident.

New York Times reporter Thayer Evans posted an article entitled Athletic Official Defends Memphis’s Reputation in which he discussed issues associated with U of M’s “non academic image”. Although the article did not reveal anything new, it did contain some interesting quotes by coach Calipari, a U of M administrator and a Tiger player. Shortly after it was posted the article was retitled and revised. The revision did not contain what appeared to be an incriminating remark made by a young Tiger player. This begs the question, “who got to Thayer Evans”? Yes the article was embarrassing but it hardly warranted censorship. You can see how the article was revised at blog called the Salt Box.

If you are unable to access it there a screen shot of the blog follows. (more…)

A recent AP article provides further evidence of the decline of the UT medical school.  The last UTHSC Chancellor, Bill Owen left for the University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey. (UMDNJ) after being here for a very short time. Owen preferred to lead a Newark, NJ based institution that has been recently plagued by numerous legal problems rather than stay in Memphis. Hmm….